In this course we introduce students with key concepts and leading theories of global health. It comprises of two parts: In the first part we would delve into the study of global health from the perspectives of public health as well as from the viewpoint of globalization theories. In the second part of the course we would tackle specific topics of global health, discussing the different ways in which global processes impact the distribution of health resources, pose new bioethical quandaries and alters our understanding of health.

Our main goal is to introduce students with the intersection of public health and globalization. We provide students with a theoretical background for analyzing specific issues in public health.

Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
1. Understand the relationship between globalization and health.
2. Recognize the various factors shaping health on a global scale.
3. Recognize the impact of global processes on the health of populations.
4. Understand the health challenges facing the global community.

Field of Education and Discipline(s): Global Health, Public Health, Medical Anthropology, Ethics.

Course Structure:
Lecture: 4 hours Total # of Credits: 4 POINTS
ECTS (European Credit Transfer System):6

Teaching Method:
In addition to formal lectures and class discussions, we will offer three field trips in the field of public health in the Negev and in Israel.
Grade structure:
Attendance: 10%
Class presentation 20%
Final paper: 70%

- Work handed in late, will not be graded!
- Penalties and course policies should be clearly articulated (i.e. students will have their final grade lowered an entire grade level if they miss more than 3 class meetings unexcused)
- Language of instruction is English.
שליחת דוחות השתתפות למרצה: No
שליחת התראה לסטודנט: No