1. Basic definitions and parameters, Debye screening and plasma osillations, Ionization, Coulomb collisions.
    2. MHD theory.
    3. MHD waves
    4. MHD discontinuities.
    5. Two-fluid theory.
    6. Waves in dispersive media.
    7. Linear and nonlinear waves in two-fluid theory.
    8. Kinetic theory.
    9. Waves in the kinetic description.
    10. Landau damping.
    11. Hydrodynamic and kinetic instabilities. 
    12. Nonlinear phenomena: first concept.

      • You will be asked to read topics before each lesson. We will discuss these at the lesson and not start from scratch. 
      • Assignments will be given each week. Students will have to present their solutions during the next lesson. 
      • In the end a home exam will be given.
      • Grade: 80% home exam, 20% assignments.