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  • Week Topic Sources
    1 Particles and interactions
    2 The mathematical description of waves
    3 The two slit experiment
    4 Velocity momentum and mass
    5 Polarization and spin
    6 Quantum cryptography / Free particle
    7 Particle in a box / Bohr model
    8 Harmonic Oscillator / The photoelectric effect
    9 Fermions and Bosons
    11 Gravitation
    12 Lorenz force and the Aharonov Bohm effect

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    • The course does not have one main textbook. Furthermore, most textbooks on the topic contain advanced material not covered in the course. For some extra reading:

      • The Feynman lectures on physics - volume III

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      • Office hours

        Name Day Hours Building/Room E-mail
        Prof. Dganit Meidan By appointment - 54/226


        Group What? Name Day Hours Building/Room
        1 Lecture Prof. Dganit Meidan

        Monday 14:00-16:00 online
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        • The course covers a range of topics ranging from material partially covered in high school (i.e. waves, de Broglie, structure of the atom) as well as more advanced topics. The main challenge of the course is to explain basic notions in quantum mechanics while avoiding heavy mathematical formalism. This includes introducing general notions, explaining  basic experiments and Gedanken-Experiment and clarifying paradoxes. 

          • Homework (0 points):
          • Oral exam (100%): The course will be graded based on a short oral exam, where students will be asked to show proficiency in the lecture material.  
          • Email: should only be used for communication on personal matters, all questions of relevance to more than one person should be asked via the Q&A forum, to avoid repetition.
          • Physics teaching committee notice
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          • יש להתנהג בצורה מכבדת בצ'אט. יש להימנע מהודעות ספאם, הודעות נאצה, הודעות הקשורות לדת, גזע, מגדר, נטיות מניות, פוליטיקה ושאר דברים שיכולים להתפרש פוגעניים על-ידי חלק מהסטודנטים. במידע ונתקל בהודעות כאלו, הצ'אט יחסם מיידית וההקלטה המדוברת תמחק.

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