Course: פרקים בפיסיקה קלאסית 2021ב

  • Week Topic Main Source
    1 Pressure in a fluid. Buoyancy. Surface tension and capillarity 13.1-4
    2 Fluid flow and Bernoulli's equation 13.5-7
    3 Viscosity. Poiseuille’s law. Reynolds number. Turbulence. 13.8-9
    4 Solids: stress, strain and elastic moduli. 12.1-4
    5 Temperature and heat. Heat capacity. Phase changes. 14.1-5, 15.1-5
    6 Thermal properties of the matter. Equations of state. Ideal gas. Work done during volume changes. 17.1-4, 18.2
    7 The first law of thermodynamics. Thermodynamic processes. 18.1, 18.3-8
    8 Molecular properties of matter. Avogadro’s number. Kinetic theory of an ideal gas. 20.1-4, 20.7
    9 Equipartition of energy. Heat capacity of gases and crystals. 20.5, 20.8
    10 Sound in gases and solids 21.5-6
    11 Heat engines. The second law of thermodynamics. Carnot cycle. 19.1-5
    12 Entropy. Nature of irreversibility. 19.6-7

  • Main source: F.W.Sears, M.W.Zemansky, and H.D.Young “University physics”, 7th edition, Addison-Wesley, 1992.
    Earlier editions (authored by F.W.Sears and M.W.Zemansky) are OK; from later editions (authored by H.D.Young or H.D.Young and R. A. Freedman) some material has been removed but generally they are OK too.
  • Office hours

    Name Day Hours Building/Room E-mail
    Yuri Lyubarsky By appointment - 54/


    Group What? Name Day Hours Building/Room
    1 Lecture Yuri Lyubarsky Tuesday 12:00-14:00

  • The exam will cover all of the material that was given in class and in home work. A biweekly problem set will be given to solve. You are required to submit on time at least 5 homework assignments (from 6 ones) via the electronic submission system in the website. In case you submit less, there will be a reduction of 2 points for each missing assignment. There will be no delays in submissions. Anyone who has justifiable reasons not to submit (as recognized by the university - miluim, hospitalization etc.) will receive a PTOR for the relevant assignment and it will not be calculated.
  • Pascal's law 1 

    Pascal's law 2 

    Surface tension   


    Drag of a sphere 

    Stress & strain