• Quantum Theory 4

    The subject of this course is the development of Relativistic Quantum Mechanics, developing first the free field equations for spin zero particles and for spin one half particles, leading to the Klein Gordon equation and Dirac equations. Interactions of these particles with the electromagnetic field through minimal coupling are introduced and other interactions between particles are introduced. Calculation of the fundamental processes of Quantum Electrodynamics by means of Feynmans propagator theory, which allows for a proper treatment of diverse scattering and particle creation processes. In addition to this, a number of special topics are discussed, like spontaneous symmetry breaking , the global and local cases, the Higgs mechanism, axion photon interactions using techniques borrowed from scalar QED, pair creation in a strong external electric field, the two dimensional representation of the Klein Gordon propagator, bound states in the Greens functions approach, the Breit equation for bound states.  The photon electron interactions are treated in the context of a symmetric treatment within electrons and photons. Compton  is studied and other elementary processes are studied . Finally non abelian gauge theories, the Glashow Weinberg Salam model and some electroweak processes are discussed.

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  • References:

    1.       E. Guendelman and D.  Owen,  Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Special Topics,

    LECTURE NOTES,  Will be provided to students.

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    1 Lecture Eduardo Guendelman Thursday 10:00-13:00

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