• Textbooks

    There is no one main textbook in the course. Some of the books, which are relevant to the course are listed bellow. 

    • Goldenfeld - Lectures on Phase Transitions and the Renormalization Group
    • Herbut - A modern Approach to Critical Phenomena
    • Ma - Modern Theory of Critical Phenomena 
    • Kardar - Statistical Physics of Fields
    • Binney, Dowrick, Fisher and Newman - The Theory of Critical Phenomena: An Introduction to the Renormalization Group
    • Menon - Renormalization Group Theory of Critical Phenomena
    • Amit - Field Theory, the Renormalization Group and Critical Phenomena
    • Stanley - Introduction to Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena
    • Yeomans - Statistical Mechanics of Phase Transitions 

    TopicsLecture, Tutorial and office hours