• The course describes how to practically realize quantum technology, namely, what are the required experimental techniques. We describe practical quantum technology devices such as atomic clocks and magnetic sensors. We describe the building blocks of quantum technology, the photon and the atom, their degrees of freedom, and the interaction between them. We describe in detail the quantum bit, the Qubit, which stands at the base of quantum technology, such as the quantum computer. We do so by studying the Bloch sphere, and typical evolutions in a Rabi and Ramsey sequence. We describe both practical devices already used by the industry, as well as futuristic devices being developed in the lab.

    In terms of experimental techniques, the student will learn a wide range of techniques which will be useful for him/her both in the industry and the academy. We learn about vacuum, lasers, optics and electro-optics, application of DC and AC fields, noise and isolation, imaging, and so on.


    Key words: Quantum technology, Quantum information, Foundations of quantum mechanics, Coherence and decoherence, Atom-light interaction, Spectroscopy, Experimental techniques, Photons, Atom physics.

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