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    Tunnel junctions, Johnson-Nyquist vs. shot nioise, Coulomb blockade, Single electron box and transistor, simple version of full counting statistics

    Lecture notes

    Josephson junctions, Josephson qubits, macroscopic quantum tunnelling and coherence

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    Caldeira-Leggett Model (classically), Dissipative two-level system, Golden Rule, Derivation of (Bloch-Redfield, Lindblad) master equation.

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    4 Feynman-Vernon formalism, Keldysh formulation, Keldysh Green's functions, Derivation of quasiclassical Langevin equation.

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    5 Field-theoretical path integral, influence functional, AES action, quasi-classical equations of motion, Langevin equations, shot noise

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    6 AES action for Josephson junctions

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    7 Full counting statistics and P(E) theory

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      Office hours

      Name Day Hours Building/Room E-mail
      Prof. אלכסנדר שנירמן By appointment - 54 Room 313alexander.shnirman@kit.edu


      Group What? Name Day Hours Building/Room
      1 Lecture Prof. אלכסנדר שנירמן
      Wednesday 10:00-13:00
      building 32, room 207

      • Course policy

        There will be 5 home excercises during the semester. All excercises are mandatory, and will count as 10% for the final grade.

        Final exam will be oral.

        • Exercises

          Exercise 1       Submit by 23.11.2021

          Exercise 2       Submit by 27.12.2021

          Exercise 3       Submit by 03.01.2022

          Exercise 4