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    Every Monday
     of the semester we will have a colloquium, between 16:10-17:10.
    Some of the colloquia will be on Zoom, and some will be in person.

    You can always find the details of the current week's colloquium on the main page of the Physics Department website. (You may also subscribe to the seminars mailing list to receive advertisements about the colloquia and all the other seminars in the department. This can be done by sending an email to

    For Zoom colloquia, the link to the meeting will be sent to all department members on the day of the event.
    The in-person colloquia will take place in the Nano building auditorium (building 51, room 015). Light refreshments will be served starting from 15:50.

    Attendance is mandatory. To pass the course, the student should not miss more than 1 lecture. In case of special circumstances, please contact Yevgeny Kats ( in advance. For Zoom colloquia, attendance will be recorded by Zoom. Please connect to Zoom with your full name. For in-person colloquia, an attendance sheet will be passed in the auditorium -- please make sure to mark your attendance.

    In Zoom colloquia, please keep the cameras on, at least when you log in for the beginning of the talk and during the questions session at the end. It makes for a nicer atmosphere and is more polite to the colloquium speakers.

    We hope you will find the talks interesting. Please don't be shy to ask questions at the end -- most of the audience is you, students!