Course: Quantum2 - Year 2023, Section: דיווח ביצוע תרגילים על בסיס שבועי

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    The course Quantum Theory II, code [203-1-3241], is a self contained presentations of Quantum Mechanics, starting from its basic postulates. The theory is demonstrates for 0D, 1D, 2D and 3D systems on equal footing. The classical limit is derived. Mathematical background and misc techniques are provided. Topics: Hilbert space; The probability matrix; Unitary operations (Displacements, Rotations, Gauge); Unitary representations of rotations and the spin concept; Actual procedure for building rotation matrices; Addition of angular momentum; Perturbation theory; Wigner decay; Fermi golden rule; The adiabatic picture; Discrete systems (including quantum computation); Particle in a few site system; Particle in 1D ring and AB effect; Particle in a uniform magnetic field (Landau, Hall); Spherically symmetric potential; Spin in magnetic field; The spin-orbit interaction. 

    Lecturer:  Doron Cohen
    Assistant: Shani Avitan

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דיווח ביצוע תרגילים על בסיס שבועי