About the course - General

  • Final grade: 10% Exercises (Magen) + 90% Final exam.

    If the situation regarding the CoronaVirus prevents us from doing the final exam, other assignment, according to what the university finds suitable at the end of the semester, will be given. The assignment will have the same percentage from the grade as the final exam.


    a) Each week, one home assignment would be given.

    The assignments should be submitted electronically through the website.

    b) HW submission will not be accepted beyond the deadline, and will be marked "Late". For special cases, such as army reserve service, hospitalization etc. please contact your teaching assistant as soon as possible.

    c) Any request for late submission must be approved before the deadline. Late submission will be approved only in the cases listed in the Examination Procedure - Section 7.2 and with proper documentation (scanned and attached to the submitted file).

    d) Students are responsible to check their submissions regularly.

    e) Submission of at least 10 assignments is obligatory, excluding the first homework. Below 10,  a penalty of -10 will be applied to the final course grade. Very poor submissions (grade below 40) will disqualify. 

    f) Average HW grade will be computed over 10 best grades (if less than 10 submitted, zeroes will be added) 

    Course Media:  The Library offers video recordings from the  course given last two years. The recordings are offered as supplemental material only.  There might be deviations between the contents of the courses. The teaching team  undertakes no responsibility regarding the quality and the content of the recordings.

    • Main: Griffiths, Introduction to Electrodynamics, Prentice Hall, 1999, QC 680.G74 (1989)
      A: Pollack & Stump, Electromagnetism, QC 760.P65 2002
      B: Bo Thide, Electromagnetic field theory (online book)
      C: Landau & Lifshitz, The classical theory of fields, QC 665.E4L3713 1995
      D: Jackson, Classical electrodynamics, QC 631.J3 1999

      • 1Mathematical Reminder, Maxwell Equations: Differential vector operators in orthogonal curvilinear coordinates. Integral theorems. Maxwell equations.Griffiths Chapter 1

        Pollack & Stump Chapter 2, Bo Thide Chapter 3
        2Electrostatics in free space: Laplace and Poisson equations. General solution for Poisson equation without boundaries. Multipole expansion. Green's function.Griffiths Chapter 2-3

        Pollack & Stump Chapter 3, Landau & Lifshitz Chapter 5
        3Electrostatics with boundaries: Continuity and discontinuity of electric and magnetic fields. Solution of Laplace equation for various symmetries. Legendre polynoms, spherical harmonics, etc.Griffiths Chapter 2-3

        Pollack & Stump Chpater 4-5
        Jackson, chapter 3
        4Magnetostatics: Vector Potential, Gauge. Multipole expansion.Griffiths Chapter 5

        Pollack & Stump Chapter 8. Landau & Lifshitz Chapter 5 
        5Dielectric and Magnetic materials: Polarization, boundary conditions, macroscopic form of Maxwell equationsGriffiths Chapter 4,6

        Pollack & Stump Chapter 6,9
        6Conservation laws: Energy and Momentum of electromagnetic field. Stress tensor.Griffiths Chapter 7-8.
        7Electromagnetic waves in vacuum and in matter. Fresnel's formulas. Waveguide. Skin effectGriffiths Chapter 9.

        Pollack & Stump Chapter 11, Bo Thide Chapter 2, Landau & Lifshitz Chapter 6.
        8Retarded Potential. Close zone and far zone-radiation field. Antenna.Griffiths Chapter 10.

        Bo Thide Chapter 7, Landau & Lifshitz Chapter 8 (62-64), Pollack & Stump Chapter 15
        9Radiation from oscillating sources. Dipole radiation. Magnetodipole radiation. Bremsstrahlung, cyclotron radiation. Thomson scattering.Griffiths Chapter 11.

        Bo Thide Chapter 7.3, Chapter 8. Landau-Lifshitz Chapter 9.
        10Relativistic electrodynamics: Special relativity in 4-space Metrics, Lorentz transform, 4-velocity 4-potential and electromagnetic field tensor Maxwell equations in 4-formalism.Griffiths Chapter 12.

        Pollack & Stump Chapter 12, Bo Thide Chapter 4. Bo Thide. Landau & Lifshitz Chapter 1-4.
        11Relativistic electrodynamics: Special relativity in 4-space. Metrics, Lorentz transform, 4-velocity 4-potential and electromagnetic field tensor. Maxwell equations in 4-formalism.
        12Lienard-Wiechert potentials, Radiation from relativistic sources.Griffiths Chapter 10.3

        Jackson Chapter 14