About the course - General

  • Course Plan

    Week Topic Additional reading
    1 Introduction to Quantum Mechanics, Wave packets and free particle motion.
    Chapter: 1,2
    2 Wave packets and free particle motion. Schroedinger Equation. Chapter: 2,3
    3 Schroedinger Equation. Chapter: 3
    4 Schroedinger Equation, Quantum Harmonic Oscillator. Chapter: 3,5
    5 Quantum Harmonic Oscillator. Chapter: 5
    6 Quantum Harmonic Oscillator, Piecewise constant potentials.Chapter: 5,6
    7 Piecewise constant potentials.Chapter: 6
    8  Piecewise constant potentials. Chapter: 6
    9Piecewise constant potentials, Vector spaces and operators.Chapter: 6,9
    10 Vector spaces and operators.Chapter: 9
    11 Vector spaces and operators.Chapter: 9
    12 Central forces and Angular Momentum. Chapter: 11,12
    13 Central forces and Angular Momentum.Chapter: 11,12
    14 The Hydrogen Atom.
    Chapter: 12

    • Textbook

      Course book: Quantum Mechanics - Eugen Merzbacher

        Library No. : QC 174.12.M47 1998
      Additional literature:
      • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (3th Edition) - David J. Griffiths Darrell F. Schroeter
      • Quantum Mechanics (2nd Edition) Volume 1 - C. Tannoudji

      • Office hours

        Name Day Hours Building/Room E-mail
        Prof. Mario Feingold Monday 18:30-20:30 54/005mario@bgu.ac.il
        Tal Abadi Tuesday 11:00-12:00 54/222talabadi@post.bgu.ac.il


        Group What? Name Day Hours Building/Room
        1 Lecture Prof. Mario Feingold Monday 11:00-13:0034/14
        1 Lecture Prof. Mario Feingold Monday 16:00-18:0034/114
        11 TA Tal Adi Tuesday 12:00-14:0090/135
        12 TATal Adi Wednesday 15:00-17:0090/238
        • Course Policy

          • An assignment containing ~4 problems would be given ~weekly and submitted a day prior the upcoming class exercise.  
          • The assignments should be submitted ELECTRONICALLY.
          • Submission of  8 of the home assignments is obligatory. 
          • For each missing assignment below 8 one point will be reduced from the final grade. 
          • For each extra assignment above 8 one point will be added to the final grade. 
          • Late or sloppy (that is, not a sufficient attempt) submissions WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

          • You are required to report your performance. For each question of the assignment you should grade yourself according to the three options:
            • A = I solved the question myself and got the correct answer.
              B = I solved the question myself but made some mistakes.
              C = I could not solve the problem myself and needed extra help to solve it.
          • Notice: these grades will only be used to follow your progress and will not affect your final grade.