Course: Solid State Physics 2, 2023

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    1Semiconductors - intrinsic, extrinsic, calculating chemical potential28/A&M
    2Boltzmann's Equation - Semi-classical approximation, relaxation time approximation (RTA)12,13/A&M
    3Boltzmann's Equation - scattering mechanisms; Magnetic Hamiltonian, pert. theory.16,29,31/A&M
    4Magnetic Hamiltonian, pert. theory. Hound's Rules31/A&M
    5Curie's Law. Pauli paramagnetism. Exchange interaction.31,32/A&M
    6Super exchange, Curie-Weiss law, spin waves32,33/A&M
    7Superconductivity-Meisner effect, London Equation2/Tinkham, 1/De Gennes
    8Superconductivity - Introduction to BCS formalism.3/Tinkham,
    3-4/De Gennes
    9BCS formalizm - Cooper pairs, energy gap, excitations3/Tinkham,
    3-4/De Gennes

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    Gal Cohen  54/319
    Prof. Moshe SchechterSet by email54/


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    LectureProf. Moshe SchechterSunday





    TAGal CohenWednesday12:00-14:0090/321

    • The student MUST submit all homework (up to one assignment) in order to be able to take the final exam.
    • The assignments are submitted ELECTRONICALLY.
    • The homework will be checked: 15% MAGEN.
    • Final assignment : 85%. May include an oral exam.

  • Books:

    • "Solid state physics" by Ashcroft and Mermin - QC 176.A83 1976B or QC 176.A83
    • "Superconductivity of metals and alloys" by Pierre-Gilles de Gennes
    • "Introduction to superconductivity" by Michael Tinkham


    Additional Material (Lectures notes from an older course):