Course grades

Course grades

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Hi all,
I hope you are staying healthy and doing well on your exams.
We have finished calculating your final grades. They appear in moodle - > Grades.

Please go over your grades and makes sure there are no mistakes till Tuesday (12/07).
On Wednesday we will publish them.

If you think there is a mistake, please first check with your peers if you understand the calculation, and only then contact us.

Best wishes,

A few statistical facts

  • The mean of the class is 84 (see histogram below)
  • The normalized correlation with your accumulated degree average is 0.5 (see scatter plot below)
  • The normalized correlation of your grades (to other teams) and the panelist's grade was 0.7 (pretty precise)
  • One group was able to get 2 points of precision bonus

histogram of final grades